A comprehensive approach to violence risk management, utilizing detailed, structured and proven investigative and assessment methodology, skills and experience, to identify, assess and manage risk and danger. Threat management combines identifying, assessing and managing individuals and situations where there is a risk of violence. Threat and risk management is a scientific process, utilizing objective tools, extensive training, high-level education and years of experience to assess, measure and quantify. We can assist with identifying signals that forewarn of a potential act of violence, and then aid with advice, planning and management to mitigate risk and threat.


Is this situation dangerous?

Are we in contravention of worker safety laws?

What do we do first / next?

Can you help unravel this mess?

Investigation, reporting, working with all levels of staff, management and human resources, using years of risk management and conflict resolution skills to solve troublesome workplace difficulties.
We have sorted out the thorniest of circumstances; rest assured we can help with yours.

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