An act of significant workplace violence is rarely a spontaneous incident. Often there are identifiable behaviours of concern, called indicators, which show if a person is moving toward an act of violence. We can help you evaluate and manage the risk.

Download our list of pre-incident indicators below, and contact us today if you are concerned.

Empty threats… or early warning? [pdf, 164 kb]


Trusted organizations whose interests and expertise are complementary to ours.

ATAP Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) – Founded in 1992 by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit, ATAP is a world-wide non-profit organization whose objective is to learn more about how best to protect victims of stalking, harassment and threat situations.  Kevin Calder served as Sergeant-at-Arms and two terms as President of the North West Chapter .

Kevin holds a Certified Threat Manager (CTM) certification with ATAP.




ASIS ASIS is the world’s largest organization for security professionals, promoting “effectiveness and productivity” through education. Founded in 1955, with 36,000 members, it publishes the industry’s leading publication, Security Management.

Kevin Calder is board-certified in CPP and PSP certifications from ASIS.



AWI Association of Workplace Investigators – “The Association of Workplace Investigators is a professional membership association for attorneys, human resource professionals, private investigators, and many others who conduct, manage, or have a professional interest in impartial workplace investigations. Our mission is to promote and enhance the quality of impartial workplace investigations.”

Kevin is a member of the AWI faculty and holds the AWI Certificate.


PIABC Professional Investigators’ Association of British Columbia – Ethics, professional development and education for private investigators of B.C.






OOPS Inc. (Ounce of Prevention Solutions) In September 2012, we entered into an association with OOPS Inc. (Ounce of Prevention Solutions). OOPS founder and CEO Cheryl Otto, LLB has brought together leading professionals in the field of collaborative conflict management to provide a single resource, using a unique integrated conflict management system to effectively and efficiently address an organization’s employee relations issues. Learn more at






Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence is an organization focusing on workplace violence research.




Failure to properly address workplace sexual abuse that drove an employee to the brink of suicide has cost the City of Calgary more than $800,000, according to an arbitrator’s ruling.


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