Experienced behavioural threat and risk consulting, investigation and crisis management

Key reasons to contact K. CALDER & ASSOCIATES

  • Manage risk - keep you and your business safe
  • Corporate due diligence - legal / occupational health and safety compliance
  • Focus your resources exactly where they are needed - avoid needless costs.

Need help?

  • Behavioural threat / risk assessment
  • Workplace interventions
  • Independent investigation:
    • Workplace violence or threats
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Cyber-harassment
    • Employment screening, credential and background check
    • Integrity breaches
    • Insider threats
    • Theft
    • Insurance claims
    • Occupational health and safety incidents
  • Threat assessment training
  • Security planning

You can rely on a professional from K. Calder & Associates

  • Early involvement saves time, money and concern
  • Systematic threat assessment reduces the risk of over- or under-reacting
  • Proactive and timely response reduces the risk of escalation
  • Choose the best option for your situation
  • Minimize anxiety by relying on an experienced professional.

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