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Kevin Calder, CPP, PSP, CTM

One of North America’s most knowledgeable and well-respected workplace violence and threat management specialists.

His practical approach is founded on more than 25 years of comprehensive experience.


  • Threat / risk assessment
  • Crisis management
  • Independent investigation:
    • Workplace violence, stalking, bullying and harassment
    • Cyber harassment
    • Employment screening, credential and background check
    • Integrity breaches
    • Insider threats
    • Theft
    • Insurance claims
    • Occupational health and safety incidents
  • Workplace interventions
  • Campus threat and violence
  • Threat assessment policy and performance-based training
  • Executive protection
  • Security planning

Career highlights

Education and training (overview)


Extensive training in:

  • Threat and risk investigation
  • Investigative interviewing and interrogation
  • Statement analysis and lie detection
  • Security and vulnerability risk assessments
  • Organized crime
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Domestic violence
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Project management
  • Security analysis: physical, personal, virtual
  • Policy, procedure and practice development
  • Gap analysis and reporting
  • Operational planning and project management
  • Performance-based curriculum development and delivery
  • Business communication and professional writing 

Studied at:

Professional affiliations

Featured speaker on violence risk awareness and prevention for a variety of national conferences, including:

K. Calder & Associates began in 2006 with Kevin Calder (dual U.S.-Canadian citizen), and now includes valuable personnel from his professional network across North America, with various areas of expertise. Wherever you are, we can help you.

Contact us for more information or a full professional CV.

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