Workplace interventionKevin Calder

Is this situation dangerous?

Are we in contravention of worker safety laws?

What do we do now?

Can you unravel this?

Bullying and harassment complaints must be dealt with: it’s the law.

Security and threat incidents can potentially devastate organizations.

We have sorted out the thorniest of circumstances, and we can help with yours.

 What we can help withBusiness meeting

  • Manage risk – keep you and your business safe
  • Corporate due diligence – legal / occupational health and safety compliance
  • Focus your resources exactly where they are needed – avoid needless costs.
  • We have a lot of experience with workplace violence risk assessments
  • Our specialty is workplace interventions
  • We can help with personal threat and risk management


  • Early involvement saves time, money and concern
  • Systematic threat assessment reduces the risk of over- or under-reacting
  • Proactive response reduces risk of escalation
  • Choose the best option for your situation
  • Minimize anxiety.

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Business meeting

With over 25 years of experience in operational security and training, we assess, anticipate and deliver skilled guidance. Background includes:

  • Countless threat / risk consultations and bullying / harassment investigations.
  • Implementation of threat management programs for several large corporations
  • National and international training on threat management, protective intelligence and security based risk assessment
  • Co-managed and implemented the B. C. Sheriff Services Threat Management Program and its integration into the British Columbia court system
  • Experienced in assessing high-profile / high-security events, and threats of targeted violence to judiciary, legal counsel, and family, civil and criminal court participants.