Adrian J. Nelson, Manager, Securiguard Services Ltd.

The Practical Violence and Risk Assessment course was fantastic, and drove our threat assessment and management program to the next level.  I am certain that this training will have a measurable improvement to the safety of our workplace.

Course participant T.

As the files continue to emerge, our ability to understand and manage workplace violence becomes much more vital to maintaining and facilitating a safe and secure environment for our clients, the public and our staff. Thanks, Kevin!

Course participant R.

The booklet complements the course material and will be helpful to refer to while conducting a risk assessment.

Course participant S.

So glad to be able to eliminate the ‘What if’s’. I have a much more comprehensive understanding of the threat assessment process now.

Kevin Hayes, CSSE

We, the general public, are only familiar with what the media reports whenever a serious incident has occurred, but it’s interesting to note that many of these potential threats are defused by advisors such as you… The threat of violence … Read More

Workshop participant M.

This workshop was very interesting and educational. I would recommend this to all facilities, whether long-term care, home settings or hospital settings.

Satisfied client

Our continued engagement with Kevin Calder & Associates has greatly assisted myself and others within our business to bring formality and structure as we pursue our own organizational threat awareness program.

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